Review 19th Salzkammergut Trophy


R Record breaking weekend at the 19th Salzkammergut-MTB-Trophy:

Sabine Sommer and Andreas Seewald truly triumph on the extreme distance with more than 211 km and 7.119 altitude distances!

The new UEC Masters-European Champs are determined!
Bad Goisern; light drizzle and high speed during kick off at 05:00 am for the 719 bikers of the extreme distance. Pretty soon last year`s winner Andreas Seewald (GER) was able to pull away from the main filed. First follow up was Daniel Rubisoier an Austrian. Still, during the race Seewald was able to expand his lead to incredible 38 minutes beating his own last year’s record by two minutes finishing at 9:48:12. “Although I’m really familiar with the course, this year it was not an easy race!” according to the winner of the extreme distance.  Second, with a timing of 10:26:16 Daniel Rubisoier (AUT).  Third place – same as last year – the Tyrolean Martin Ludwiczek (10:34:03). Due to technical troubles, joint favorites Wolfgang Krenn (AUT) and Ondrej Fojtík (CZE) were not able to make the finish line.  21 ladies tackled the extreme distance with more than 211 km and 7.119 altitude differences – 13 were able to finish.

Track record also among the Women!
An Austrian victory among the women’s competition after five years! Sabine Sommer from Upper Austria won with sensational timing of 12:21:50 setting a new track record! She was beating the former record by 28 minutes!

UEC Masters-European Championship!
The European Masters Title of the MTB-Masters was awarded among the women’s competition in three age groups and among the men’s competition in seven age groups:

UEC Masters-European Master  119 km
Masters1m: Uwe Hochenwarter (AUT) 5:08:22
Masters2m: Georgy Dmitriev (ITA) 5:19:39
Masters3m: Josef Hausleitner (AUT) 5:24:25
Masters4m: Georg Koch (AUT) 5:25:23
Masters5m: Subias Salamero (ESP) 5:29:36
Masters6m: Matthias Ball (GER) 5:40:19
Masters7m: Stefen Goldberg (GER) 6:29:22

UEC Masters-European Master 76 km
Masters1f: Paulina Wörz (GER) 3:55:25
Masters2f: Claudia Paolazzi (ITA) 4:13:48
Masters3f: Carol Rasmussen (DEN) 4:25:16

Winner of the 119 km distance is local hero Lukas Islitzer (AUT) with  5:18:23, runner up Ales Strnad (CZE) mit 5:22:31 and third place Lennard Heidenreich (GER) 5:31:47. Among the women, Andrea Böttger (GER) won the compettion with 6:26:28, followed by Irina Krenn (AUT) 6:36:19 and Agnes Kittel (AUT) 6:38:31.

For the first time, the Salzkammergut Trophy hosted an "epowerd by Bosch”  e-bike rating. On a 32.5 km course three sections were rated in a "Section-Control-Modus" – adding the three timings and the fastest e-biker wins! The athletes had to bike their race tactically by organizing their energy supply so they were able to use full electric support during the rating sections; and using their muscles in between as there was not enough energy supply for the whole course!  

On Sunday the race weekend was rounded off by spectacular Unicycle downhill and the Scott-Junior-Trophy

Junior Trophy – little bikers being real BIG!
At the ASVÖ SCOTT Junior-Trophy, 406 kids attacked the different courses classified in age groups from U9 up to U15. Our youngest – some of them equipped with pacifier and walking bikes – tackled our new parcours where fun, coordination and movement was most important issue therefore no more ratings among the U5 and U7. The bigger ones performed some hot battles and action-packed finish sprints on the rather challenging tracks! At the end, every child received its personal Trophy T-shirt as well as a gingerbread medal as souvenir!

Unicycle Downhill: South Tyrolean going strong!
Sunday morning, magnificent sunshine and more than 80 downhillers fight their way down on a real selective and spectacular track from the Predigstuhl into the Goisern Valley – where the winners were celebrated at the market square. Fastest Unicycle Downhiller Michael Rabensteiner from South Tyrol, runner up his brother Florian. Third place Lukas Huber, also an Italian. Not only among the men, but also at the women’s competition nobody can beat the Italians: Laura Baumgartner wins, second Vera Hofer and third Sarah Baumgartner.

Austrian Master: Cornelia Panozzo and Johannes Baumkirchner!

The Austrian Championship was also taken place as part of the Unicycle Downhill: Cornelia Panozzo from Ebreichsdorf (NÖ) and Johannes Baumkirchner from Gallspach (OÖ) are Austria’s Unicycle DH-Champs of 2016!
At the marathon day of the Salzkammergut Trophy more than 4.731 participants from 47 nations tackled eight different distances leading through the UNESCO World Heritage Region – either during heavy rain or bright sun shine.  Together with 85 unicyclist downhiller and 406 kids, the Salzkammergut Trophy with a total of 5.222 participants and 1.100 volunteers has become Europe’s biggest bike event. Besides the athletic highlights, the Trophy side events are spectacular:  bike expo with more than 90 exhibitors, helicopter sightseeing tours, Ö3 disco with DJ Philipp Kofler guaranteed to be a great weekend for athletes as well as for visitors! See the results of all competition. Check out photos and news under

See you next year:  15th of July 2017


WINNERS A-Distance 211 km
Men  1. Andreas Seewald (GER) 9:48:12
Men  2. Daniel Rubisoier (AUT) 10:26:16
Men 3. Martin Ludwiczek (AUT) 10:34:03
Women 1. Sabine Sommer (AUT) 12:21:50
Women 2. Walz Katja (GER)  13:11:59
Women 3. Milena Cesnaková (CZE) 13:39:42

WINNERS B-Distance 119 km
Men 1. Lukas Islitzer (AUT) 5:18:23
Men 2. Ales Strnad (CZE) 5:22:31
Men 3. Lennard Heidenreich (GER) 5:31:47
Women 1. Andrea Böttger (GER) 6:26:28
Women  2. Irina Krenn (AUT) 6:36:19
Women  3. Agnes Kittel (AUT) 6:38:31

WINNERS C-Distance 76 km
Men 1. Szolt Búr (HUN) 3:16:43
Men  2. Adam Lavicka (CZE) 3:16:44
Men 3. Benjamin Michael (GER) 3:22:40
Women 1. Regina Genser (GER) 4:04:00
Women 2. Bianca Morvillo (ITA) 4:11:54
Women 3. Denise Möderl (GER) 4:15:09

WINNERS D-Distance 60 km All-Mountain
Men 1. Florian Thaller (GER) 3:02:26
Men 2. Mario Färberböck (AUT) 3:07:38
Men 3. Christopher Schwab (AUT) 3:09:32
Women 1. Julia Rimpl (GER) 4:04:16
Women 2. Theresa Kober (AUT) 4:05:51
Women 3. Julia Wieltschnig (AUT) 4:09:17

WINNERS E-Distance 53 km
Men 1. Reinhard Dumfahrt (AUT) 2:05:37
Men  2. Matthias Grick (AUT) 2:13:49
Men 3. Manuel Pliem (AUT) 2:14:46
Women 1. Lena Putz (GER) 2:43:59
Women 2. Alexandra Wollner (AUT) 2:55:40
Women 3. Karoline Neumüller (AUT) 2:55:59

WINNERS F-Distance 37 km
Men 1. József Attila Málnási (HUN) 1:32:53
Men  2. Stefan Vogler (AUT) 1:34:27
Men 3. Tobias Peterstofer (AUT) 1:37:08
Women 1. Daniela Kratz (AUT) 1:51:40
Women 2. Kristina Schollerer (GER) 1:58:43
Women 3. Kathrin Gräber (GER) 2:03:13

WINNERS G-Distance 22 km
Men 1. Corinna Grabmeier (GER) 1:10:10
Men  2. Magdalena Reinegger (AUT) 1:11:04
Men 3. Eva Riedel (AUT) 1:11:05
Women 1. Julian Pöchacker (AUT) 52:41
Women 2. Sebastian Micus (GER) 56:29
Women 3. Florian Kaindl (AUT) 56:36

WINNERS Z-Distance 32 km eMTB-Wertung "epowerd by Bosch"
Men 1. Michael Weiss (AUT)
Men 2. Horst Kaindlbinder (AUT)
Men   3. Lin Pamminger (AUT)
Women 1. Andrea Pamminger (AUT)
Women 2. Stephanie Erlacher (AUT)
Women 3. Christina Bloß (GER)

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Scenic Landscapes pictures  
00:01 general statements from bikers 
01:18 Start B Course afterwards
Amtshaus in Hallstatt Women/Men C course and trails towards Gosau
04:40 All Mountain Course D, Trails in Bad Ischl
06:00 B Course Salzberg Hallstatt, steepest course section
07:15 towards Gosau, Stränhag, highest point 1507 hm – then towards Gosau and Gosausee
08:15 Steeg shortly before finish + passing the finishing line in Goisern
09:55 Winner B course Interview Andrea Böttger GER
10:22 finish + winner B course Lukas Islitzer AUT from Gosau
00:01 Interview Seewald, L Goldberger - Start A Course – driive out from Goisern & the first ascend
03:00 Raschberg and Service Stations
03:20 Ewige Wand
04:45 Lauffen via Haus and then crossing the Traun OTs at the Service Stations
07:42 Gamsofen Bad Goisern
08:41 Slomotion
14:02 Finish Winner A Course  Andreas Seewald GER + Interview
15:51 Finish winner A course Sabine Sommer + Interview
18:01 runner up A Daniel Rubisoir
18:44 third place A Martin Ludwiczek
4. ROUGH CLIP - GoPro Fahrt
5. ROUGH CLIP - Italia

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