News 2011

Krenn Wolgang, by Erwin Haiden,

Winners of the long distances

Track A - 211 km
Krenn Wolfgang, AUT, 10:26:00
Danowski Stefan, GER, 10:28:09
Sibl Radoslav, CZE, 10:42:08

Track B - 119 km
Hruska Jan, CZE, 5:02:51
Soto Catriel Andres, ARG,5:05:52
Fojtik Andrej, CZE, 5:12:38

Track C - 74km
1. Eisl Bernhard, AUT, 3:09:13
2. Kogler Stefan, AUT,3:12:65
3. Bachmann Milan, CZE, 3:17:39
Siegerinterview, by Knoll Rudi

Winners of the short distances

Track D - 54km
Fojtik Jan, CZE, 2:11:24
Leisling Matthias, GER, 2:14:21
Huber Andreas, GER, 2:16:08

Track E - 37km
1. Doll Magnus, GER, 1:35:42
2. Sykora Jan, CZE, 1:35:43
3. Wetzelberger Philipp, AUT, 1:39:12

Track F - 22km
1. Rettenbacher Manuel, AUT, 0:55:07
2. Sulzer Gregor, AUT, 0:56:21
3. Kreslin Roland, AUT, 0:56:50


Fast 100 Teilnehmer beim Einrad Downhill in Bad Goisern. Der zweifache Downhill Weltmeister David Weichenberger aus Linz gewinnt gewinn mit einer halben Minute Vorsprung auf Jakub Rulf (CZE) und Ziga Sternad (SLO). 

Die erst 14-Jährige Cornelia Panozzo aus Ebreichdorf belegt sensationell den 2. Rang hinter Stephanie Dietze (GER). Dritte wird Tina Pötz aus Birkfeld (Stmk.).

Start Salzkammergut Trophy

Trophy July 16, 2011 - Register now!

Currently more than 4.000 participants have already signed up for the Trophy on July 16, 2011. The number of registrations exceeds by now last year's level. The course C - 73,6 km is already fully booked.  On the 211 km distance there are about 50 slots available. On the 119 km and 54 km course we have reduced the starting places by 100 each compared to 2010, at the moment 4/5 of them are taken. 

Garmin Connect

Garmin Connect

As of now all Trophy training courses are available on Garmin Connect and the course map is ready for download as a JPG.

On Friday, the day before the race, it is possible to download the GPS-data of the race course on your personal device at the Garmin booth in the expo-area.

Gary Fisher is comming!

Gary Fisher is comming!

"I have to be there! Let's race!" he announced already in September and now it’s official! Gary Fisher – inventor of mountain biking – is coming to Austria’s biggest Mountain Bike-Event in Bad Goisern! The 60 year old biker is not to be underestimated. Like in 2007 he is intending to tackle the 119 km distance with 3.848 altitude difference.


This year for the first time all age groups of the Scott Junior Trophy will start in the center of Bad Goisern! The diverse courses are going to be somewhat easier and shorter making it less demanding for our rookies and youngsters.



Gerhard Gulewicz will be back as pacemaker on the extreme distance at the Trophy 2011! Based on his last years' race experience, the time limits are going to be recalculated. The time limits at the first two check points will be calculated more generously. Therefore bikers for example – who have lost a lot of time due to a defect – still have a chance!

However at the checkpoint in Gosau-Hintertal (AP9) we are getting down to serious biking! Those who have not made the limit by now, have no realistic chance to finish before the official closing in Bad Goisern. Gerhard intends to tackle the race smoothly and will be expected at the finish line between 08:50 pm and 09:00 pm. This gives him leeway of about 60 minutes at the first two check points, afterwards about 15 – 20 minutes.