Trophies for the Winners

Katharina Sadnik (2. Platz), Clara Sommer (1. Platz) und Viktoria Gratzer (3. Platz) – Sieger Salzkammergut Trophy 2021 - Strecke F (Foto: Marc Schwarz)

The three winners of each Age Group are awarded with the grand "Dachstein Trophy", a 80 million old fossil (Actaeonella) from the  Cretaceous period. Awards will be also presented to the fastest teams, gravelbikes and unicyclists.

For a detailed schedule of the winners' ceremonies please see program!

Tombola for all Participants

Salzkammergut Trophy - Tombola im Trophy Festzelt (Foto: Kurt Reiter)

On Saturday evening, after the winners' ceremonies, non cash prizes worth 5.000 Euros will be raffled among the present participants. Please turn in your lots at the green raffle box next to the stage between 8 pm and 10:45 pm! Personal attendance is required for the drawing at 11 p.m.!

For an overview of all prizes please see the German Homepage.