The marathon course running primarily on public roads, forest roads as well as hiking & biking trails is sufficiently signposted. If you wish, we will gladly send you a detailed map in the scale of 1: 50.0000 after the end of May.

Snow conditions permitting, the Trophy will be open for training at the following times:
March and October from 09:00 am until 05:00 pm
April and September from 08:00 am until 06:00 pm
Mai until August from 07:00 am until 07:00 pm
As of July 3 a large part of the course will be signposted and cleared for training. However course sections marked with white dotted lines in the map you may only bike on the race day!

For further details on distances, altitude differences, starting times and limits please see Information.

For altitude charts, GPX data as well as links for "Doris" maps, please see the German Trophy website.

Course Map (JPG)