Course info and selection

Collecting the race numbers


Course Selection Trophy Individual

Please send us an email to or text message +43-660/4455037 at least one hour prior start, otherwise the timing transponder will not be activated! In the email subject or text message, please indicate the starting number, preferred course and date – e.g. race number 127, course B, 30.10.2020 ( yyyy)

Only one course per day will be rated! Biking another course with the same race number on the same day will delete both timings!

Biking on forest roads is strictly permitted only at certain times:
March respectively October from 09.00 am until 05.00 pm
April respectively September from 08.00 am until 06.00 pm
May until August from 07.00 am until 07.00 pm
Before and after timing will be deactivated!

Attention Track Closures!

Due to wood and construction work or storm damage, road closures may be necessary once awhile. We try our best to provide an updated overview. However we ask for your understanding that an unannounced track closure may occur at any time.

Current Closures:

Course A

Course B

Course C

Course D

Course E

Course F

Course G