Visitors' Spots

The best spots for visitors!


Visitors' Spot Bad Ischl - Trinkhalle/pump hall (N47° 42.682' E13° 37.407')

Salzkammergut Trophy - Start Bad Ischl (Foto: Marc Schwarz)

Start of course D at 12:15 pm.


The easiest way is arriving by train. Arriving by car, take exit Bad Ischl Zentrum until the roundabout – either take the first exit to the Kaiservilla parking lot or the second exit towards Bahnhof – train station – to the Kaiserthermen parking garage. From all three points it’s only a five minutes’ walk to the visitors’ spot/start of course D next to the Trinkhalle -pump room
Passing Times:
Start course D at 12:15 pm


Visitors' Spot Hütteneckalm

Salzkammergut Trophy - Hütteneckalm (Foto: Erwin Haiden)

Breath-taking view of the Hallstätter Lake and the Dachstein Glacier

Access: Just take the helicopter shuttle, flying weather permitting! By car it is only possible going from Bad Goisern via the Lasern Street to the mountain hotel Predigstuhl (plenty of parking spaces available). The last five kilometres have to be done by foot (hiking trail via the Zwerchwand). By bike also via the Lasern Street to the mountain hotel Predigtstuhl continuing on the forest road via Roßmoosalm to Hütteneckalm (11,2 km - about 850 meter change in altitude)

Passage Times:
Course A - from 07.34 am - 09.51 am
Course B - from 10.11 am - 11.53 am
Course D - from 12.19 pm - 05.20 pm


Visitors' Spot Rathlucka Hütte (N47° 39.166' E13° 37.606')

Salzkammergut Trophy - Ewige Wand  (Foto: Erwin Haiden)

Breath-taking view of the Ewige Wand (Eternal Wall) - Don't forget the binoculars! Great downhill on the former toboggan run!

by car from Bad Goisern via Lasern Street towards mountain hotel Predigstuhl. Make a left turn at the game reserve downhill towards Rathlucka Lodge. (4,7 km - about 300 meters change in altitude)

Passage Times Saturday:
Course A - from 07.56 am - 10.27 am
Course B - from 10.27 am - 12.35 pm
Course D - from 02.36 pm - 05.53 pm
Course E - from 12.20 pm - 02.09 pm
Course F - from 12.15 pm - 01.05 pm


Visitors' Spot Lauffen (N47° 40.282’ E13° 36.799’)

Salzkammergut Trophy - Lauffen (Foto: sportograf)

crossing of the "Wilden Lauffen” (rapids of the Traun) at theWindensteg (bridge), spectacular downhill through a narrow alley with steps, great viewing terrace for spectators.

by car or bike about 3.5 kilometers along the B145 towards Bad Ischl.

Passage Times:
see Weißenbach (- 5 minutes)

Visitors' Spot Weißenbach (N47° 39.729' E13° 36.326')

Salzkammergut Trophy - Labe Weißenbach (Foto: Marc Schwarz)

6 out of 7 course tracks pass this point, the participants of the long course pass it even 3 times; fan area, service station.

by car or bike along the B145 towards Bad Ischl. After 2.5 kilometres make a left turn towards Weißenbachtal. (parking available at the parking area of Roth and Steffner)

Passage Times:
Course A - 1st passage from 05.44 am until 06.22 am
2nd  passage from 09.36 am until 01.12 pm
Course B - from 10.36 am - 12.59 pm
Course D - from 02.44 pm - 06.08 pm
Course E - from 12.30 pm - 02.33 pm
Course F - from 12.25 pm - 01.36 pm
Course G - from 12.22 pm - 12.38 pm


Visitors' Spot Obertraun (N47° 33.226' E13° 41.108')

Salzkammergut Trophy - Start Obertraun (Foto: Rudi Knoll)

Start course C, entertainment and music

The most beautiful way to travel to Obertraun would be by train, or by bike along the east bank of the Lake Hallstatt. By car from Bad Goisern on the B166, make a left turn at the Gosaumühle towards Hallstatt and then along the lake to Obertraun.

Passage Times:
Course A - from 10.59 am until 03.09 pm
Course B – from 11.09 am until 01.46 pm
Gravel - 10.13 start 
Course C - 10.15 am start, passage after warm-up from 10.30 am until 10.40 am


Visitors' Spot Hallstatt - Salzberg Knappenhaus

Salzkammergut Trophy - Salzberg (Foto: Gerhard Reitbauer)

After 11 hairpin bends up to the famous Hallstatt Burial Sites and to the World's oldest salt mine, the steepest part with more than 30 percent is waiting for the participants! In the past years this was often the decisive part for winning the extreme course. However the Salzberg does not only offer a spectacular bike race, visitors may enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding mountains

By car on the B166 towards Hallstatt-Lahn (ca. 11 km). For a special experience arrive by train and ferry boat! From Lahn or from the town center you can walk up to the high valley in about 30-40 minutes via the Salzbergweg (No. 640). The Salzbergbahn is a little faster.

Download Trophy Voucher for the Salzberg cable-car

Passage Times:
Course A - from 11.27 am - 03.59 pm
Course B - from 11.36 am - 02.53 pm
Course C - from 10.54 am - 12.04 pm

Visitors' Spot Gosau - Sportzentrum (N47° 34.863' E13° 32.146')

Salzkammergut Trophy - Labestation Gosau (Foto: Martin Bihounek)

Music and entertainment as of noon.

by car on road B166 towards Gosausee (about 18 km)

Passage Times:
Course A - from 01.51 pm until 07.55 pm
Course B - from 01.41 pm until 07.10 pm
Course C - from 01.05 pm until 05.37 pm
Gravel - from 12.38 pm until 02.13 pm


Assistance's Points

Participants may accept catering, spare parts as well as technical support by their coaches the assistant points.  

AP1 Weißenbach (access via B145) N47° 39.644' E13° 36.477'
AP2 Goiserer Brücke (only by foot or bike accessible)
AP3 St. Agatha N47° 37' 28.027‘ E13° 38' 55.723
AP4 Berghotel Predigstuhl (access via Lasern - Wurmstein) N47° 39.221' E13° 38.536'
AP5 Gasthof Rettenbachmühle N47° 42' 27.903 E13° 38' 29.198
AP6 Anzenaumühle (access via B145) N47° 40.077'  E13° 36.608'
AP7 Hallstatt/Lahn - (access via B166 to Hallstatt and continue towards Obertraun) N47° 33.345' E13° 38.748'
AP8 Gosau / Zwieselalm / Panorama-Jet (B166 to Gosau, then continue towards Gosausee) N47° 32.712' E13° 30.302'
AP9 Gosau Sports Center (on the B166 to Gosau) N47° 34.859' E13° 32.136'
AP10 Gosaumühle - parking lot (B166 until shortly before the intersection towards Gosau) N47° 35.615' E13° 39.069'

Participants whose coach drives with a motorized vehicle on the course are going to be disqualified!