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Konny Looser (SUI) - Sieger Salzkammergut Trophy 2018 - Strecke A (Foto: Joachim Gamsjäger)

The winner of the A distance creating a new Trophy record

A enormous mass of 719 athletes kicked off the 21st edition of the Salzkammergut Trophy at 5 AM on a promising glorious sunny day of July 14. 2018.
The rider had to tackle 212 km and stunning 7119 meter of elevation.

As always the race unfolded as tense as ever. The previous winner Konny Looser from Switzerland lead  Andi Seewald form Lengries followed by David Schöggl (KTM Pro Team)in the first part of the race. At kilometer 125 the trio is still together. However next to the Hallsatetter Salzberg David Schöggl had to give in and was left behind by Konny Looser and Andi Seewald. The distance featured some minute and the half, but Looser hammered on, upped the ante and intensified the pace. As a consequence he distanced himself from Seewald too ad kept this 2 minute gap all the way to the finish line. This brought for him not only the first place and personal best time but also the new Trophy record time in the process.

The same thrilling scenario wrapped up in the women field too. Barbara Mayer from Lienz set up a decently high tempo. Close far behind the former winner Sabine Sommer bode her time and waited for Mayers chink in the armor to come to shine. The duo was followed by Alexandra Wogg.

The distance between the 2 leader shrunk considerably at km 107. Km 148 was the turning point where Sommer closed the gap. However instead of attacking Mayer, they joined forces and created a well-paced time all the way to the finish. Thus, they, in an unprecedented manner in the history of the Trophy,  crossed the finish line arm in arm. To top off their stunning performance a new track record was created in the process as well

1. Looser Konny (SUI) 9:29:54
2. Seewald Andreas (GER) 9:32:04
3. Schöggl David (AUT) 9:38:29

1. Sabine Sommer (AUT) 11:29:51
1. Barbara Mayer (AUT) 11:29:51
3. Alexandra Wogg (AUT) 13:35:50

Start B-Strecke (Foto: Joachim Gamsjäger)

An Austrian win on the B-distance

1077 riders lined up for the 119 km long B-track featuring  3848 meter of elevation. Manual Pliem, with his fabulous performance of 5 hour 8 min didn’t find an opponent on this day who could take away his respectable victory. He was followed by Roegr Jenny from Switzerland by 5 minutes. Fabian Costa rounded up the podium .

The women’s race winner Hannah Kolling’s time of under 7 hour is equally respectable. 2 and 3 goes to  Nina Müller and the Brazilian  Daniela Genovesi.

Kolling is a notoriously known highly regarded racer after all she won the World-Series Marathon already.

1. Manuel Pliem (AUT) 5:08:06
2. Roger Jenny (SUI) 5:13:00
3. Fabian Costa (AUT) 5:18:11

1. Hannah Kölling (GER) 6:55:40
2. Nina Müller (AUT) 7:16:05
3. Daniela Genovesi (BRA) 7:24:26

Bosch eMTB Challenge supported by Trek! (Foto: Marc Schwarz)

The new scoring system has been established: Bosch eMTB-Challenge supported by Trek!

The new scoring system Bosch eMTB-Challenge supported by Trek has been established, thus both amateurs as well as professional riders are able to compete simultaneously and joints all segments like Enduro, Trail and orienteering. Obviously to have fun and a good time is the most essential element of it. There were 6 segments to be done.


91 participants have scored in 3 different categories, however only the so called Amateur and Advanced rider were timed. The “Explorer” rider rode 30 km, as a joined tour.


In the category „Advanced“ Greta Weithaler from Südtirol was the fastest followed by Birgit Braumann (AUT) and Kathi Kuypers (GER). In the man category  Ben Gielen (BEL) won ahead of  Michael Weiss and Kurt Mitgutsch (both AUT).


In the  „Amateur“ category the victory goes to Petra Zeller (GER) followed by  local rider Theresa Peer from Bad Goisern and Ines Hendriks (SUI). In the man field  Christan Hendriks (SUI) was most successful. Second goes to Thomas Schweighofer (AUT) followed by Jürgen Lemmens (BEL).

MarathonMan-Series 2018

MarathonMan-Series 2018

The 2018 Bike24-MarathonMan-Series includes a  brand-new highlight: in this upcoming season the marathon in Riva del Garda will be replaced by Kronplatz -King in South Tyrol. This bike marathon in St. Vigil surrounded by the famous Dolomites offers a most unique 8 km downhill free-ride and a peak-finish at the Kronplatz at 2.275 meters elevation.

Dates of the Bike24 MarathonMan Series 2018:

02.06.2018 Author Král Šumavy, Klatovy (CZE)
09.06.2018 Malevil Cup, Jablonné v Podještědí (CZE)
14.07.2018 Salzkammergut Trophy, Bad Goisern
22.07.2018 Kronplatz King, St. Vigil (ITA)
05.08.2018 Erzgebirgs-Bike-Marathon, Seiffen (GER)