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More than 3000 participants at Salzkammergut Trophy!

On a glorious sunny day 3.017 bikers were joining the 10th anniversary of the Salzkammergut MTB Trophy. And a thrilled Gary Fisher in the middle - finishing the 109 kilometer distance as 14th in his age group.

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> Results


Raschberg - Bad Goisern > See Panorama Photos


On the 209 km extreme distance Tomáš Trunschka became the first Czech winner. From the very beginning he made it pretty clear that he wanted to carry off the Jubilee Trophy and after 10 hours and 16 minutes he crossed the finishing line in Bad Goisern. Runner-up was local hero and last years' winner Stefan Kogler (Team Radsport Angerer) from St. Gilgen at the Wolfgangsee. About 12 minutes behind came in Stefan Danowski (Trenga De Team), who continues his success series at the Salzkammergut Trophy.

> interviews with the winners


Anita Wais (AUT) wins by far!


Anita Wais (ARBÖ Merida Polizei Wien) last years' runner-up wins the race with 13:50:18 in the brutal heat of Bad Goisern. Second came in Doris Steenfatt (Team Diamondback) ahead of Hedvig Nagy from Hungray.

> interview with Anita Wais


The 109,7 km distance became a most spectacular one! After two race hours the five bikers of the top group were only 12 seconds apart and extending their lead more than six minutes over their followers. Not until the very end Michael Binder was able to break away (4:44:30) making Thomas Nicke runner-up (4:46:05). On the 109,7 km course the fastest among the women was Manuela Grünzweil (06:16:22) ahead of O'Connor Jennifer from New Zealand.

> interviews with the winners


Gary Fisher finishing 459!


The originator of all mountain bike sports was biking an emotional roller coaster. "I think I die" - so Gary Fisher referring to the exertions of the race "but now I´m very happy - a great event" - well one can hardly beat such a great compliment to the Trophy.

> interview with Gary Fisher before the race

> interview with Gary Fisher in the finishing area

> Gary Fisher becomes Goiserer

> photos of Gary Fisher

> Gary Fisher in Salzburg

Junior bikers fastest of the 23,7 Km
Michael Teuber and Yvonne Marzinke win the Paralympic Handicap rating


The fastest biker of the day - the Junior biker Günter Pernkopf (Team DT Swiss Merida Continental) from Bad Goisern wins the short distance by a nose before Paralympic Vize-Europe Champion (individual time trial 2005) Manfred Gattringer.

The winner of the Paralympic Handicap Rating is the double Paralympics gold medal winner Michael Teuber from Germany, who gets according to the IPC Categorie LC3/LC4 ten minutes credit. Yvonne Marzinke from BSV/RSV Übersee wins the IPC rating of the women.

Martin Reidlinger fastest Muni


Seven unicyclists were on the start of the first Salzkammergut "Muni" Trophy. For many specators it was a safe bet that none of them would reach the finishing line. Well Martin Reidlinger from Neumarkt not only managed to see the finishing line he also was the fastest in only 2:11:11 on the 23,7 km course leaving some "normal" biker behind him.

And even the last one Harald Moosleitner also reached after 3:45:25 the finishing line and therefore the unicyclists are the only group where there were no drop outs!

> photos
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> results

First Tandem on the extreme distance


This year for the first time there were Tandems on all distances at the start. The ten bikers with their five bikes were besides Gary Fisher and the unicyclists the most popular photo motif at the Trophy.

The most attention attracted the Team "Madmission 1”, which tackled for the first with a tandem the 209 km course and also managed to reach the finishing line! However with a time of 16:09:43 they were even too slow for the SlowMotion rating. It seems that they got the wrong doping mixture and so they have to join next years' Trophy. For more information see MadEast Challenge.

Junior Trophy in Gosau


A great success was also the Junior Trophy in Gosau where kids and teenagers from five until 16 years of age tackled the distances between 1,5 and 15,5 kilometers. With 187 young talents from Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Hungary the Junior Trophy is becoming very international!

> results

> photos


Dachstein with Gosaukamm > see the pictures of the course


Trophy Live Stream + Video-on-Demand


This year for the first time there were live pictures of the Trophy. Cameleon Entertainline and the innovative internet provider from Bad Goisern were able to realize this elaborate project and broadcasted live about 17 hours from the Trophy. The quality was equivalent to a regular TV resolution of 720 x 576 Pixel. And just on the day of event there were 6.500 viewers from 35 countries being 29 minutes online on the average despite beach weather


Winners' interviews
A short film montage of the Trophy highlights as well as Adi Niederkorn interviewing Trunschka Tomáš, Kogler Stefan, Danowski Stefan, Hasenfratz Peter, Wais Anita, Binder Michael, Nicke Thomas, Rametsteiner Roman and Gary Fisher are as a Video-on-Demand on


Photos Trophy 2007


For the best press photos by Erwin Haiden check out this page. provides 42847 participants' photos - just enter the starting number. Thanks to "Foto-Flat" every participant of the Salzkammergut Trophy may buy all his pictures done in high resolution (8-11 Megapixel) for a moderate fixed price.

For more great shots also see and and for photos of the Junior Trophy check out this Link.


Order now!
Trophy DVD only Euro 19,90


The "Alpine Medienmanufaktur” produces also 2007 a DVD of the Salzkammergut Mountainbike Trophy. Besides the most spectacular race scenes there are interviews with well known bikers as well as a report of the Junior-Trophy. The total length of the film will be about 30 minutes. The DVD costs Euro 19,90 (including shipping and handling) - just order per Mail.


New Edition: MTB maps by S & F


Salzkammergut Mountain Biking by Schubert & Franzke
60 tours leading through the Salzkammergut & map of the Dachstein course
Map 1:50 000 with course description and altitude chart
Price: 12,- Euro incl. shipping and handling

Map Dachstein Course
Three different versions circling the Dachstein, map 1 : 50 000 with course description and altitude charts
Price: 4,- Euro including shipping & handling

Combi: Salzkammergut Mountain Biking incl. map of the Dachstein course and Trans Salzkammergut
combi-price 16,- Euro incl. shipping and handling

Tourismusverband Inneres Salzkammergut, Kirchengasse 4,
A-4822 Bad Goisern, E-Mail:
phone: 0043-6135/8329


Trans Salzkammergut
Vier Etappen (294 Km, 7004 Hm)


How about riding on your mountain bike across the Salzkammergut?! A ride you'll never forget with its breath-taking mounatins and crystal clear lakes. A real challenge for every diehard mountain biker including the following hearty ingredients: like the juicy carrying legs and quaint cottages for staying overnight. The Trans-Salzkammergut Mountainbike Grand Tour, as it is called, offers four luscious stages starting from Bad Mitterndorf (in Styria) leading its way to Gmunden in Upper Austria. A route with sporty as well as scenic beauty highlights like the Grundlsee, the Ewige Wand above Bad Goisern and the Gamsöfen. The Grand Tour for Euro 282,- per person includes five overnight stays in hotels, cottages and pubs, as well as maps, luggage transfers and daily bike services.

It is also possible to book the Trans-Salzkammergut as a circuit track (209 km, 5294 Hm) with three stages starting at Euro 122,-

Info and Booking:
Salzkammergut Touristik, Phone: +43/(0)6132/24000-75,


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