Interview with Jason Miles from Singletrack Magazine

Jason Miles from the "Singletrack Magazine" went by car from Bristol/UK to Bad Goisern/Austria - 1500 kilometres oneway! He raced the 211 kilometres-ultra-distance of the Salzkammergut Trophy on an Ritchey P650b - and went home by car right after!

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Jason, tell us about your experiences with the Salzkammergut Trophy!

Jason: I knew the ride was going to be tough, but wow! It was tougher than I was expecting. There aren't any 1000 metre climbs or days when the heat reaches 30 degrees in the UK so it came as a bit of a shock. The brilliant organisation and feedstations made the whole experience a good one though. Everyone taking part was super-friendly too, in spite of the various language barriers.

Did you join in the Trophy for the first time?

Jason: Yes, I took part for the first time, but not the last! I'll be back next year.

How long did it take you?

Jason: 14 hours. I can't quite comprehend the winner's time...!

Are you happy with your ride?

Jason: I think I could ride it faster, but this time I decided to ride with my friends and not go too fast. I had to drive home to the UK straight afterwards! But I´m very happy - a great weekend.

What was your highlight at the Trophy?

Jason: All the way around the route there are cheering crowds and amazing views of forests, gorges and mountains. It's hard to pick out one thing. Perhaps the Austrian sausage at the feed stations. I think I ate a lot of those...

What was your hardest part of the track?

Jason: The climb to Salzberg - I didn't know roads that steep existed! Insane.

How did the Ritchey P650b feel to you?

Jason: I normally ride a carbon hardtail. The steel frame of the Ritchey was nice and forgiving over the bumps, much more than my super-stiff carbon bike. It's probably a little bit heavier than my other bike but I can't say I noticed too much. On the descents, the 650b is so much fun. It's also the coolest-looking bike I've seen for a long time - classic thin tubes and a gorgeous paintjob. Can I keep it? Pleaasssee?

What is you job at Singeltrackworld?

Jason: I've been a contributor to Singletrack Magazine for a while now, but I've not got a job as such there. I love being part of such a well-respected magazine and count myself lucky that I've had opportunities to ride and write about some amazing bikes.

Jason, thanks for the interesting interview!