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The lists of results from 1998 until 2011 are on the German Trophy Side


Participant Photo


The Sportografen have revolutionized the photo service and offer digital photos in high-resolution. From now on forget expensive paper prints – there is Sportograf-Foto-Flat!

Thanks to Foto-Flat, every Trophy participant can buy for a great flat rate all his photos in professional quality 8-11 mega pixel). As of now more than 55.000 photos are sorted by race numbers! Just check out

Video Service

Logo yourvideo offers a personalized video! Along the course every participant is filmed by six installed and two mobile HD cameras. The video clips are integrated into a 15 min clip according to the race numbers and are ready for download on about two days after the event. So watch out for the signs "Smile for" and wave, scream, laugh, make funny faces or just pass by real cool!